Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Couture Fashion Freak.

January 2012. A 1 week project directed by Dr Noki. 
The brief- working as a pair create a couture fashion monster using discarded garments.

Partner- Anthony Cowell.

Our inspiration- marble statues, suffocation.

Our design has been selected to be presented in Esthetica in London Fashion Week February 2012.

Moroccan Christmas.

So me and mama ventured to Marrakech, Morocco in the christmas holidays. Didn't quite realise the scale of poverty there. It was an experience. Scary. But still, interesting....

Beautiful sunset en route to Gatwick.


Majorelle Gardens, home of Yves Saint Laurent


Project 2. January 2012.
Disorder. Progressed into disorder in Thai Spirit Temples.
Also working with Dr Noki, JJ Hudson, for this project.

I am not a knitter.

Workshop with Dr Noki.

Final outcome.

Model- Georgina Brinkman.

Silhouette. Instability in space.

Project 1 of BA. November 2011. Given the brief of Instability, which progressed into instability in space- how galaxies morph and water instability on Saturn's rings.
I love space.

Key inspiration- my image of fluids mixing.

 Calico toile.

 Sample shoot. Model- Lily Bonesso.

Main shoot.


Key inspiration. Galaxies morphing.

Fluid instability. Found on Saturn's rings.

Model- Amy Webster.

Citizen Hip- Exploring London.

BA (hons) Fashion Design, Kingston University. Year 1.

 Freshers week project- Discover London, present yourself and review London Fashion Week.

Discover a place to live- Hamley's

Discover a place to Shop- Matthew Williamson

THE Spice Girls shoes. 
Discover a place of inspiration- Academy Costumes.

A personal profile.

London Fashion Week report.


A month traveling Thailand with my best friend, July/August 2011. 
Need to go back. Now.